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Six Flags Great Adventure opened a new monster coaster that is truely a great ride.  I was there opening day and got to ride it.  It is built in the Frontier Adventures area of the park and sits behind the North Star Arena.
Medusa is incredible.  Medusa gives an intense and smooth ride.  It is kind of like a mix of Kumba in Busch Gardens Tampa and Batman the Ride.  You sit above the track, but your feet hang over the track, which makes it more thrilling.  Medusa has a lot of speed and it keeps the speed up for the entire ride.  It has seven inversions which occur in this order:  vetical loop, dive loop,  zero gravity roll, camel back and 2 interlocking corkscrews.  It also has a very cool helix which is banked nearly 90 degrees.
Medusa is an awesome coaster that every thrill seeker should ride this year.  It is fast, smooth, and intense, which are the elements that make a great coaster.  I will be posting pictures of Medusa in the end of the summer.  For some pictures that I took of Medusa this fall, click here.

Coming Soon: Reviews of Apollo's Chariot and Knoeble's Twister!